Biocentric Robotics IGERT

Apply for an IGERT

All applicants that meet the IGERT program requirements will be considered for the traineeship. The main requirements are:

You may apply either through the Department of Mechanical Engineering or the School of Computing. From a standpoint of the robotics group and this IGERT, it does not matter what your home department is. Your choice should be based on how you perceive yourself and what your diploma will read.

In your graduate application statement of purpose, you should indicate how your interests align with the goals and vision of the Biocentric Robotics IGERT. Acceptance will be indicated as part of your acceptance letter to the home school or department.

We will begin screening applications by January 15, 2011, whether applying through Mechanical Engineering or the School of Computing. Please ignore the general due dates for applications to those departments. Applications after this date may still be considered, but only if traineeship slots have not yet filled.